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Dharmaworker's Musings...

An ever-transforming journey of learning to live in harmony with earth and soul.

29 January 1970
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Thanks for being curious about me. :-) It's hard to know what to tell you that will help you know me, because I feel like I'm always transforming, but I guess a condensed version of me, at least for the present moment, would have to include the following:

I am passionate about raising people's awareness of how many ways we are bombarded by toxins in this world, and how to reclaim our physical and emotional health through living in a more natural harmony with earth, with natural personal care products, cleaning products, medicines, and whole, organic foods, including a return to kitchen gardens.

I am also especially passionate about helping adolescents find their way on this planet with spiritual and emotional support, as well as new educational and recreational options.

I am also the mother of an autistic child, and believe these people are wise, old, off-world souls here to help us learn to detox our world and ourselves. I do not believe in curing or defeating autism, but in understanding it and helping these special beings get the most out of their experiences here.

I believe that spiritually, we are both male and female, and expanded sexual orientation is the outward manifestation of getting more in touch with our spiritual selves. I don't believe in 'straight' or 'gay' anymore, but that we all have the potential to be attracted to one another based on resonance and spiritual purpose, rather than gender.

I believe in honoring and expressing the shadow selves, not denying and repressing them, and I have been known to cuss a blue streak, and to really enjoy hanging out with people who, although they are all about love and the Divine Plan, do the same. ;-)

I believe that the way to our personal happiness and fulfillment is to figure out our purpose and life's work and do it. I am passionate about helping others do this in all kinds of different ways, and believe that we all have a piece of the puzzle to put into place, and our heart's desires are the roadmap to world peace.